5 Reasons why I teach Meditation to clients who struggle with Anxiety

Meditation has been an important part of my personal and my professional journey. I have found it to be a natural companion to my psychotherapeutic work with clients. I especially love teaching meditation to my clients who experience anxiety. Here is why…

  1. Meditation helps us learn to be present in the moment. Anxiety is often associated with focusing on the future and a disconnect from what is currently going on. Practicing meditation helps us learn to be in the here and now and this can ease anxiety.
  2. Meditation helps the body to relax. Think of anxiety as a fear response. Our bodies go into overdrive getting ready to take action. When there is no physical threat and no need for heightened activity, these sensations are experienced as uncomfortable and even frightening. Meditation gets our parasympathetic nervous system going and helps our body to relax. The more often we help our bodies to relax the better it gets at being in that beautiful, relaxed state.
  3. Meditation helps us build awareness. A lot of people experience anxiety, and often panic attacks, as “coming out of nowhere” or “having no cause”. Meditation practice helps us to tune into ourselves and as we learn to do so, we get better at knowing what is going on for us, what is working in our lives and what feels out of alignment. This kind of knowledge and self-awareness is empowering! It helps us to heal, grow and change.
  4. Practicing meditation helps us to learn acceptance. Learning to tune-in, in a compassionate and non-judgmental way, helps us to create space to really feel what we are feeling and experience what we are experiencing. We unintentionally create so much stress and suffering in our lives because we are busy resisting, denying, avoiding and judging our experiences. Allowing what is, to simply be, is powerful.
  5. Its all natural and anyone can practice meditation. All we need to meditate is already inside of us. With a little guidance, anyone can practice meditation.

Kristy Kirby, Registered Psychotherapist & Meditation Guide

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