Keep well this season with Holiday Singles

The holidays can be an extremely difficult and sensitive time for many people. I’ve created this seasonal offering to help you survive & thrive the holidays. All through December and January I will be offering single session therapy. This means that you can get support without having to sign up for or commit to long term therapy. These sessions are 90 minutes long and give you an opportunity to check in, vent, create a plan to help you move forward and get support around what matters most to you right now.

“I love doing single session therapy. It has a really unique energy and it is really amazing to see how much can be accomplished in such a short period of time.” Kristy Kirby R.P.

“Single session therapy is amazing for people who are not interested in starting short or long term therapy. The relaxed, single session format allows mental health support to be more accessible and less intimidating.” Kristy Kirby R.P.

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