Accepting clients for therapy in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

New client request form

Fill out this quick and easy new client inquiry form and receive a response from Kristy within 48 hours

Quick tips for choosing your therapist

  1. Do a google search or Psychology Today search for therapists in your area who specialize in what you are looking for.
  2. Spend some time getting to know the therapist through their website. Note their specialties, education/credentials and general feel.
  3. Choose 3-5 therapists that feel like they might be a good fit and reach out.
  4. Take advantage of your momentum! Don’t put off sending an e-mail or making a phone call until tomorrow. Do it before you get distracted or talk yourself out of it. Take action and book the consult!
  5. Wondering what to say in your first e-mail or message? This is where a lot of people get stuck. Take the pressure off and don’t overthink it. It is enough to share your contact info and that you are looking for a therapist. Provide a general sense of what you want to work on if you’d like to. For example, “Hi, my name is Ashley and I am looking for a therapist to help me with my anxiety.” or “Hi, my name is Jeremiah and I lost a loved one a year ago and am looking for grief support.”
  6. Go with your gut! You should be able to get a sense of your therapist and whether you ‘vibe’ through the phone consultation. If a therapist doesn’t quite feel right for you that is okay, keep looking.

What to expect from a phone consultation.

  1. The phone consultation is an opportunity for you to interview your potential therapist. The therapist should give you an opportunity to ask lots of questions and should provide you with meaningful answers.
  2. The phone consultation is also an opportunity for the therapist do determine if they are the right professional for you. They may ask you questions about yourself to help them to know if they are qualified to help you. Remember that you need only share what you are comfortable disclosing.
  3. You can expect the phone consultation to last up to 15 or 20 minutes.
  4. Phone consultations are not meant to be mini therapy sessions. Don’t worry, therapists know it is emotional to reach out and share about what you have been experiencing and they understand. It is absolutely okay to share but there isn’t enough time to really ‘get into things’. The therapist will help guide you through this process.
  5. By the end of the consultation, the therapist should give you an indication as to whether they are able to take you on as a client. If for some reason they are not able to take you on (usually because of specialization) they should be helpful in pointing you towards another therapist or resource.
  6. You can decide to book a first session during the phone consultation or wait to give it more thought and interview other therapists. A therapist with your best interest in heart will be glad to hear that you are being careful in your selection.

What to ask during a phone consultation.

Are you currently accepting new clients?
Do you have a waitlist? How long would you estimate that I would be on the waitlist?
Do you offer virtual sessions, tele-therapy or in person sessions?
What are your hours of availability? Do you have morning, afternoon, evening or weekend availability?
What do you charge per hour? Is that inclusive of taxes?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Do you offer a sliding scale or reduced fee spaces for individuals with financial need?
Is your office accessible?
What is your designation? ex. Registered Psychotherapist, Masters of Social Work/Registered Social Worker, Psychologist, Psychiatrist). You will want to make sure that your insurance provider covers their designation.
What are your specialties?
Do you have experience working with x issue?
What do you like about being a therapist? Why do you do the work that you do?
What are your hopes for your clients?
What therapeutic modalities do you use?
How would you describe your style of working?