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Whatever season you are in right now, I promise you that you are worthy of having a safe place to express yourself, to process, and to begin to move forward. Whether you are seeking support related to something difficult in your past, are struggling at present or are wanting to focus on improving your quality of life and sense of self (the sky is the limit), psychotherapy can help you along your path. At Open Skies Psychotherapy, I work with clients who are navigating through a variety of life’s challenges. You can learn more about my specialties below. If you are interested in counselling related to things not mentioned here, please reach out and we will find a way forward.

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Counselling for Anxiety

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Grief and Bereavement counselling

A personal note from Kristy Kirby R.P.

Something on your path has brought you right here to this moment.
I want to invite you to consider that the reason you are here searching, goes beyond the pain, the struggles and the suffering. I want to invite you to consider that you are here because a part of you knows that you can move forward, knows your strength and your ability to heal. I believe that part of you can be your guide and your inner compass. I encourage you to listen and to trust that part of yourself.

Please know that I am available to assist, to support and to encourage you as you move forward.

Kristy Kirby R.P.

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario