Professional mental health services tailored to address your anxiety and panic attacks.

Are you, like so many of us, struggling with anxiety? Are you caught in a mental onslaught of worrisome what-ifs? Do you find yourself turning down invites to social events or other opportunities in order to avoid your dreaded anxiety? Are you overwhelmed by your body’s reaction to stress? You are not the only one!

At Open Skies Psychotherapy, we can work together to address your anxiety, panic attacks or Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

What if… I learned to address my anxiety in a different way?

What if… I was able to ease my worries?

What if… I had a better understanding of what I am experiencing in my body?

What if… I could help my body to relax?

What if… my anxiety didn’t stop me anymore?

What if?

Chest tightening, difficulty breathing, heart racing, palm sweating, hands tingling, shoulder tightening, thoughts darting, mind spinning, stomach-turning, overwhelming anxiety! UGH!
You do not have to face this alone! Find out how working with a mental health professional can help.

Anxiety Counselling
Kitchener-Waterloo Region

What might a therapy session for anxiety include?

  • Learning about your body’s nervous system and how to work with it
  • Integrating mindfulness into your daily life
  • Understanding anxiety triggers
  • Addressing underlying trauma
  • Understanding how anxiety presents in your body and how to release stuck emotions
  • Working with thought patterns
  • Identifying your values and inviting them to guide your behaviour
  • Exploring soothing grounding techniques
  • Working with avoidance behaviours
  • Building feelings of confidence and safety
  • Compassionate and client-centered support
  • Meditation

Open Skies Psychotherapy

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