Meditation Group

Creating space for Calm
Meditation to relieve anxiety & stress

6 week group
45 minutes per week
Small group size
Held in person

Registration is now open.

            I know how difficult anxiety can be. Sometimes it is the low-lying hum, ever-present in the background. Other times it is the sudden woosh of panic that rises up hot in the body. The worry…the racing heart…the desire to get away…to hide…

It is with great compassion that I have created this group for people like you, who are experiencing anxiety on a regular basis.

There is hope for relief and for change.

In this group you will learn to move through anxiety and to build compassionate self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence.

            Just as the body can be a place of discomfort, stress and worry, it can also be a refuge of calm, centeredness and relaxation. In my experience, meditation is an incredible tool for accessing these states. In this group, I will teach you how to use meditation in your everyday life to invite calm, relaxation and peace. I will also provide you with information that will help you to look at and interact with your anxiety in an entirely different way. I hope that this information will help you put an end to the ongoing “battle” with anxiety.

            If you feel drawn to this course, I invite you to reach out to register or to learn more. I would be so glad to have you in the group.

What to expect
  • A safe place with a small group of other people who experience anxiety
  • Education and information about anxiety and how to cope from a Registered Psychotherapist
  • Unique guided meditations designed to help you feel calm, relaxed, grounded and safe.
  • In class support and opportunities to ask questions. Note: group discussions are optional and you are not required to speak in class.
  • Walking away each week with increased confidence in your ability to stay centered in the face of anxiety.
Time and dates
  • Tuesday 7 p.m.
  • November 1, 2022- December 8, 2022
  • Classes will be held in person.
  • 276 Frederick Street
    Kitchener, ON
    Main floor Group Room